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Our Promise to you

We care as much about you, your business and your success as you do.

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Hello and Welcome,

Thank you for allowing The VA Institute to guide you in your exciting journey to becoming a VA of Excellence. We take this extremely seriously and will work very hard with you to see you achieve the success you are striving for.


  • We will provide you with the highest level of professionalism, trust, and respect.
  • Our goal is to assist you by providing you with all the tools to achieve enable you to launch your own Virtual Assistant business
  • We will work in an open and transparent manner
  • Your outcomes are important to VA Institute – we care as much about your success as you do!


Our policy is to keep things simple, so the documents are brief and targeted.  We believe in the strength of our relationship with you and these documents are simply for clarity. 

Main areas of importance are:

  • Read over this document in its entirety, and note the Terms of Sale as listed below
  • If you have entered into a payment plan agreement, please ensure that funds are available as agreed with OpenPay for collection.
  • Contact us directly with any questions or concerns

PLEASE NOTE: At the point of purchase, Participants are required to acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to the following Terms of Sale for the specific Program and / or Memberships accessible via this platform.  By proceeding with purchase, the Participant acknowledges and is in agreement with the Terms of Sale as set out below.


Ingrid Bayer

VA Institute






  1. Program Enrolment and Commencement

Once a Participant has enrolled and paid for, or entered into an OpenPay payment plan, for the VA Quickstart Program or VA Startup Essentials Program or VA Startup Advanced Program or VA Startup Zoom Small Group Program or VA Startup Zoom One-on-One Program or VA Startup Full Day In-Person Workshop or VA Startup Intensive Retreat (hereinafter referred to as “the Program”) they will be given immediate online access to program materials (online and soft copy version(s)), and are deemed as having commenced the Program.

  1. Program / Workshop Date Changes for Zoom and In-Person Programs

At the time of enrolment, payment and commencement of VA Startup Zoom Small Group Program or VA Startup Zoom One-on-One Program or VA Startup Full Day In-Person Workshop or VA Startup Intensive Retreat, a suitable date or dates for the Program will be negotiated between VA Institute and the Participant.

Once such dates have been confirmed, it is the express responsibility of the Participant to ensure they attend agreed Workshops.  

If a Participant finds they are unable to attend an agreed Session, they may apply to defer to a later date, and this request will be conditional subject to the following terms:

  • Notification in writing must be received from the Participant at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled Workshop delivery date/s;
  • Participants are entitled to a maximum of two (2) deferrals per enrolment;
  • VA Institute will negotiate alternative dates and times that are suitable to both VA Institute and the Participant’s availability.

If a Participant fails to attend a Workshop and does not advise VA Institute at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled Workshop delivery date/s, the following terms shall apply:

  • If there is a Session Recording, this will be offered to the Participant, plus a 30 minute catch up session;
  • If the Session was not recorded, or failed to proceed due to the Participant’s non-attendance, VA Institute will provide a recording from a current Small Group Session, together with a 30-minute catch-up session; 
  • There is no refund for non-advised non-attendance under the terms of this Agreement.


  1. Intellectual Property

Once a Participant commences the Program, they hereby warrant and agree that any and all materials provided as part of the Program are the Intellectual Property of VA Institute of Australia.

Further, upon commencement of the Program, Participants acknowledge and agree that the materials provided to each Participant undertaking the Program are intended to be used in the set up and operation of the Participant’s Virtual Assistant business only, and that no part of any materials provided as part of the Program may be reproduced or used in the derivation of materials for any of the following purposes:

  • Creation of a program (whether a coaching program or otherwise), course, mastermind, social media group, book or retreat which aims to teach and/or assist Virtual Assistants in setting up their own Virtual Assistant businesses; and
  • Delivering  such program or services of a similar nature to or on behalf of any other Australian virtual assistant training organisation(s); and 
  • Provision of any service which VA Institute of Australia already provides.


  1. Program Fees

Fees are clearly displayed on our Program Sales Page, and are payable either in full or by an agreed payment plan administered by our third party provider, OpenPay.

Programs that include a website and branding (logo) component will include separate information pertaining to the standard inclusions that VA Institute supplies. Requests for work or files (branding or logo) outside of the parameters of our standard inclusions will incur additional charges over and above the program fee. Notification of these additional charges will be provided upon request. 


  1. Withdrawals and Refunds

Once a Participant has commenced the Program, no withdrawal is available if the Participant elects not to complete the program.

 A refund will only be applied if a Participant is able to provide evidence of ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ (as outlined below) in which they would be unable to complete the Online VA Startup Essentials or VA Startup Advanced Program.

 Participants wishing to cancel from the program must submit an email Ingrid Bayer at [email protected] outlining their reasons for consideration.


  1. Grounds for Refunds (Exceptional Circumstances)

Participants who wish to withdraw from the Program will only be eligible for a refund in the following circumstances:

  • VA Institute withdraws a program;
  • Terminal illness (or injury) to the Participant which makes it impossible for the Participant to complete the program. Such applications must be supported by appropriate medical documentation.

Circumstances in which a refund WILL NOT be granted for cancellation from the Online VA Startup Essentials or VA Startup Advanced Program: 

  • Change of mind;
  • Change of employment or working hours which impacts or impairs the Participant’s ability to complete the program;
  • Equipment failure;
  • Internet failure;
  • Domestic relocation; or
  • Financial hardship. 


  1. Payment of Refunds

Participants who have been granted a refund due to Exceptional Circumstances will receive a refund of the full purchase amount, less a AUD $200 administration processing fee within 15 working days from receipt of the relevant documentation supporting their claim for withdrawal under ‘Exceptional Circumstances’.

Refunds agreed by VA Institute will only be paid to the person or body (on behalf of the Participant) from whom the original payment was received.


  1. Terms of Sale Updates

These terms may change from time to time and are available to view on our website - https://va-institute.mykajabi.com/pages/terms.

If you have any questions about the above information, you can contact VA Institute by emailing [email protected]





Welcome to Virtual Momentum.  We are excited to have you join us!

But before you get can join, we need to run through the fine print… just so we’re all on the same page!

What is Virtual Momentum?

  • Virtual Momentum is a Membership Network run by VA Institute of Australia and has been established for Australian and New Zealand Virtual Assistants and provides curated tools and support to help them achieve success in their Virtual Assistant business.
  • Access to Virtual Momentum is provided via 2 platforms:
    • Kajabi online learning management system – user id and password for this is provided on registration; and
    • Our private Facebook community “Virtual Momentum” – with details supplied upon registration
  • Membership of Virtual Momentum includes complimentary access to Find a VA jobleads for the life of the membership.  

Why join Virtual Momentum?

  • You have access to a growing community of professionally established Australian and New Zealand Virtual Assistants via the ‘Virtual Momentum’ private Facebook community.  This is a resource where you can find support and receive advice from your peers who are interested in business success.
  • You will receive weekly curate and relevant content in the form of live webinars from industry experts which you are able to join in real time, or watch by replay when convenient.
  • You have complimentary access to Find a VA which is our hugely successful jobleads resource for Australian and New Zealand Virtual Assistants.
  • Your membership includes access to personal quarterly strategy sessions with one of the VA Institute trainers (4 per year).

About your Subscription

  1. You may choose to subscribe month to month or annually 
  2. Please note that your subscription is non refundable
  3. Upon registration, it is your responsibility to ensure that your login information is correct, and if you experience difficulties with accessing our platforms, it is your responsibility to contact us by email on [email protected]
  4. Your subscription will give you access to the following:
    1. our online learning platform (Kajabi) where all the content from past and current resources is housed, AND 
    2. Our private Facebook community “VA Institute” where you can connect and engage with your peers, AND
    3. Information about activating your Find a VA access which, once completed will give you access to our private Facebook community “Virtual Assistants at Find a VA”
  5. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so within the Kajabi platform or contact VA Institute by emailing [email protected]

Getting the most out of your Virtual Momentum Membership

To get the maximum benefit from your Virtual Momentum Membership, we recommend the following:

  • Join and actively participate in the private Facebook community groups: Virtual Momentum and Virtual Assistants at Find a VA
  • If possible, attend the webinars in real time as this allows for interaction with the presenters and your peers
  • Use the platforms developed by Virtual Momentum and Find a VA to actively collaborate with your fellow VAs to build a network of trusted peers and colleagues who can support each other as they build and grow their businesses
  • Book your quarterly strategy session with a VA Institute trainer
  • Read all the notifications and announcements from VA Institute in a timely fashion 

Terms of Sale Updates

These terms may change from time to time and are available to view on our website - https://va-institute.mykajabi.com/pages/terms.

If you have any questions about the above information, you can contact VA Institute by emailing [email protected]






Find A VA Terms and Conditions can be found on the Find A VA website - www.findava.com.au

If you have any questions about the above information, you can contact VA Institute by emailing [email protected]