VA INSTITUTE Coaching is a Personalised Coaching Program for VA Business Success. 

Coaching is a great option for existing and / or new VAs who are seeking guidance and direction in relation to specific areas of their VA business.

 Our Coaching sessions are here to support YOU and your current challenges.

​You are coached by Ingrid Bayer, Founder and CEO of VA Institute, a successful VA herself with a background of over 25 years business admin experience prior to setting up her own VA business in 2008 which she continues to operate to this day.  

 The coaching you receive is up to the minute, current and totally relevant to the changing nature of the VA industry today.

The Sessions are held over Zoom, and the session recording together with session notes and any resources VA Institute provides are sent through at the end of the session.

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​Our motivation is to see YOU achieve success! 

Just choose your desired coaching session length by clicking one of the options below, and book a time that suits you best.

30 Minutes
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